Prisoner Cut Off His Penis Attempting To Flush It Down Toilet

stream img - Prisoner Cut Off His Penis Attempting To Flush It Down Toilet

A prisoner in Britain cut off his own penis and attempted to flush it down the toilet.

The man, in his 40s who has not been named, was found covered in blood and barely conscious by wardens at HMP Bristol last Friday.

He was rushed to hospital after paramedics managed to stem the bleeding.

The Prison Service said the injury was self-inflicted and no other inmates were involved.

A spokesman said: “A prisoner from HMP Bristol suffered injuries during an incident on Friday. Paramedics were called and the offender was taken to hospital for further treatment.”

It is not the first time such an incident has happened at Bristol Prison.

In November 2007, another inmate mutilated himself and tried to cut off his penis using a prison-issue razor.

Maybe he knew he wasn’t going to be using it ever again?

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