Facebook Messenger Now Accessible On Apple Watch

DSC 5213.0 - Facebook Messenger Now Accessible On Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners are excited with the few feature Apple has revealed after last month’s hint at adding the Facebook Messenger app to the watch. Now when you just through you could give a break with chatting to your friends online, this new feature will make it harder. If you have updated to the watchOS 2 system then you will be able download the social networking feature along with a number of other independent apps.

The small face on the watch has it’s restrictions, you aren’t able to fully type messages but you can send emojis,  share likes and conveniently  send voice clips. Along with the update comes extra support for iOS 9 features and it also includes multitasking and universal search for your iPad. This new addition is the perfect way to chat to friends whilst in transit with a flick of your wrist, which means no more constant bag scrambling.

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