Puma x Frank The Butcher 'Eat What You Kill' Collection

puma frank the butcher bau ewyk collection 1 - Puma x Frank The Butcher 'Eat What You Kill' Collection

PUMA x Frank the Butcher are now ready to roll-out a full look at their collaborative drop. The project is packed with The Butcher’s knack for weaving together music with solid streetwear favorites, including a selection of jerseys and track pants. PUMA x Frank the Butcher also extended his touch to the brand’s Blaze of Glory and R698 silhouette, dressing them in Frank’s signature “Business as Usual” color palette of black, white, and gold, finished with EWYK detailing. To round out the collection, the duo also released a new track by Killer Mike from Run the Jewels as well as a video of the collection, making for a perfect collaborative execution. Check out the full range and video below and hit SoundCloud for the track.



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