Puma Joins In On The Auto Lacing Sneaker

puma disc tech auto lace8 - Puma Joins In On The Auto Lacing Sneaker

Although Auto-Lacing might be most closely associated with Nike, it looks they aren’t the only footwear brand getting in on the action. Just a few weeks after Nike unveiled their Auto-Lacing technology, Puma revealed they also have a self-lacing sneaker, and it looks like it might be hitting retailers before the Air Mags.

Puma recently unveiled the Autodisc sneaker. The shoe has no laces whatsoever. Instead, the shoes are fastened with the press of a button. While the Autodisc is still being refined, Puma is reportedly planning to release the sneakers in 2016. Although they may not be as pretty as the Air Mags, they work just the same. Watch the video below to see them in action.


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