Documentary: Sneakerheadz Trailer

sneakerheadz documentary trailer 00 - Documentary: Sneakerheadz Trailer

Sneaker collecting is arguably at an all-time high… and the frenzy over exclusive and hyped kicks doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

This is the topic of focus for a documentary called Sneakerheadz.

Produced by David T. Friendly (Little Miss Sunshine) and DJ Skee, among others, the documentary explores the culture of sneaker collectors, featuring commentary from some of the community’s most well-known — including Jeff Staple (designer), Mike Epps (actor),Frank The Butcher (designer), Samantha Ronson (DJ), Jeremy Guthrie (MLB player), Wale (rapper) and many more.

Sneakerheadz is available now on-demand at digital platforms, including Vimeo.

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