Rugrats Artist Reimagines Characters As Their Grown Up Ugly Selves

There are plenty interpretations of what the Rugrats might look like all grown up, but this one comes from storyboard artist Eric Molinksy, who worked on the show, lending it a bit of “legitimacy” (whatever that might mean in this case). The most interesting bit about these interpretations is that they’re all still totally rocking 90s fashion. Way to stay real to your age, kids.

It was important to Molinksy to carry over that “lumpiness” from when they were babies, hence the exaggerated features on these illustrations.

Of course, we all know this is pretty inaccurate since Tommy Pickles is based on The Doctor (you know… he’s always got his screwdriver, whimsical adventures…), and there are no bow-ties, sunglasses, leather jackets, or pinstripe suits to be found anywhere. Just saying.

Still, isn’t this a fun peek into the future?

rugrats all growed up for real - Rugrats Artist Reimagines Characters As Their Grown Up Ugly Selves


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