Instagram Is Testing Out Accessing Multiple Accounts

Earlier this year, Instagram started a beta testing program for its Androidicon1 - Instagram Is Testing Out Accessing Multiple Accounts app that lets you sign up to try new features before they’re rolled out to the public. And if you’re enrolled in that program, you should be getting a pretty nifty new feature right about now.

It’s been discovered that Instagram is testing out multiple accounticon1 - Instagram Is Testing Out Accessing Multiple Accounts support in the beta version of its Android app. The feature requires version 7.12.0 of the Instagram app, and you can access it by going to Options and scrolling down to the Add Account option at the bottom of the list. Once you’ve signed in with multiple accounts, you can switch between them by clicking the account name at the top of your profile page. There are also options to sign out of a single account or all accounts at once.

This is a handy feature for folks that have multiple Instagram accounts, whether they’re all personal (like for a person and then another for a pet) or for folks that have a personal accounticon1 - Instagram Is Testing Out Accessing Multiple Accountsbut also use Instagram for a business. And while you could use multiple accounts in the past by signing out of one and signing into another, this new feature makes using multiple accounts much, much easier.

Interestingly, this feature doesn’t appear to be live in the iOSicon1 - Instagram Is Testing Out Accessing Multiple Accounts version of Instagram. That’s notable because Instagram was iOS-only at the start of its life, but there’s no public beta program for the iOS version of the app. I’d bet that this feature will hit iOS once it becomes public, though.

If you want to give this account switcher a try right now, you can enroll in Instagram’s Android beta program or install it from APK Mirror. The feature appears to be slowly rolling out to beta testers, so don’t fret if it doesn’t show up for you right away

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