NikeLab Gets Designer Pedro Lourenco To Rework The Air Rift

Even in the vast Nike archive, the Air Rift stands out. Designed to mimic the efficient barefoot style of Kenyan distance runners, the silhouette is the subject of NikeLab‘s second ever designer collaboration. As a child, Brazilian fashion designer Pedro Lourenço received a pair of Rifts as a gift from his mother, and decades later, he’s revisiting the shoe that had shocked his unsuspecting classmates. Lourenço has conferred an all-white colorway, inspired by the Brazilian tradition of wearing white during New Year’s eve celebrations, and he’s also created a glossy finish by utilizing a synthetic leather treated with an enamel coating. The shoe’s Phylon midsole and signature split-toe design, meanwhile, remain intact. The Pedro Lourenço x NikeLab Air Rift will be available on December 10 exclusively at Cartel 011 in São Paulo and Nike Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.

pedro lourenco nikelab air rift 03 - NikeLab Gets Designer Pedro Lourenco To Rework The Air Rift


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