Banksy Shows Steve Jobs As A Syrian Immigrant In Calais

f you’re everyday selfie is worth a thousand words, who knows how many graffit artist Banksy‘s images earn, his latest showing the late Steve Jobs as a Syrian refugee in a camp in Calais. The camp, known as “the Jungle,” shows Jobs – he himself the son of a Syrian migrant – carrying an early Apple Mac computer and a bag of other possessions, proving yet again the mysterious British artist is an expert at navigating the waters of our complex culture in a way no one else can imagine. The installation was also joined with a rare statement from Banksy noting Job’s migrant roots, another piece of graffiti that reads “Nobody deserves to live this way!”, and a piece recreating Theodore Gericault’s famous painting depicting refugees waving toward a luxury yacht.

banksy shows steve jobs as a syrian migrant 2 - Banksy Shows Steve Jobs As A Syrian Immigrant In Calais

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