Very Disturbing Video Of A$AP Bari Surfaces Online

In the night between Wednesday 12 and Thursday, July 13, a video was uploaded online that would seem to involve VLONE’s founder, A$AP Bari, in what some have described as a possible “sexual incident“.

In the video – a glimpse of what seems to be the night of yesterday – it’s clear to A $ AP Bari telling a young woman who spent the night with the assistant of Bari,


  “you f*cked my assistant, now you’re going to suck my d*ck”.


As a first response Nike, partner with VLONE for a series of Air Force 1 limited edition co-branding, this morning posted a tweet, immediately removed, announcing that “because of unlucky circumstances” it decided to break the partnership with the brand.

vlone no nike - Very Disturbing Video Of A$AP Bari Surfaces Online

But why would Nike remove the tweet?

The only reasonable explanation is that Nike, taken from hysteria, wished to distance himself from A$AP Bari as soon as possible ad the news became viral and without first verifying the veracity of the charges directed at the rapper – who It would seem to have been taken into custody by the British authorities for investigations.


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