‘Ozark’ (Season 1): Review

There is nothing more satisfying than a series that you don’t expect to hook you but you end up falling in love with it and this happened with Netflix’s ‘Ozark’. The original series is about family involved with drug trafficking and money laundering combined with a dark blue city that provides the perfect color to a sublime plot.

At the end of watching the ten episodes, the score this deserves is nothing more than perfect, a story told in a magnificent way and that leads the viewer to encounter intense situations, suspense and real terror, because here what we see are the consequences of To be involved in the world of organized crime , drugs and murky finance that do exist in the real world even though this is a fiction series.

But the main element and where the script is concentrated is in its characters, rather in the family nucleus where the whole thing turns. Marty Byrde and his wife Wendy have to bear the brunt of being threatened by a representative of one of Mexico’s most dangerous and bloodthirsty cartels, trying to maintain balance with their two children; Charlotte , 15, and Jonah , about 10-12, who despite not hiding anything, are looking for ways to protect them from knowing the background to their illegal actions.

ozark3 - 'Ozark' (Season 1): Review

It is this understanding, the fluid and natural dialogues among the members of this family that make this series so good. Here we see a modern story, 20 years ago raising something like what we see in this production would have been impossible, but the world has changed a lot since then and now there is a different perception of reality, more crude but at the same time objective.

And the Byrde family is not the only one we see in Ozark , there are also the Langmore , typical rednecks who live on the outskirts of this city in trailers, with few resources and much less manners. They are those small-time criminals but among them is a character who is enriching to know layer by layer, thanks to a performance worthy of praise: Ruth . This young lady is direct, strict and knows how to plan her movements, besides she does not allow herself to be handled by anyone. The evolution of Ruth from the beginning of the series to the end is something to applaud, a perfect combination between good script and even better execution.

Among all this we are going to see an FBI agent obsessed with justice or rather in capturing those who do business with drugs. Also we will meet the local “capos” of Ozark , the Snell are not to take lightly and Marty will know firsthand, as well as the preacher Mason , one of the most harmed in a large network of innocent people who You will see it stained by the actions of these people who came to peaceful Lake Ozark (Missouri) to pollute their waters, bringing all their problems from Chicago , a large city, to a small town.

ozark2 - 'Ozark' (Season 1): Review

Ozark is a series that will hook you to the immediate if you appreciate Breaking Bad , if you enjoy the familiar entanglements of Bloodline and there you have some of the American folklore that we found in Justified .

But even picking elements from those series, the truth is that he feels extremely original, deep and with a great work of production, something that would never think that would have Jason Bateman (main actor), whom I remember mostly from comedies like Arrested Development. He arrives to direct four episodes in this season, quite a lot for a producer, so it is notice that this project is something that dedicated a lot of time, as well as the one noted by the fantastic Laura Linney (Wendy) whose performance, as usual We are accustomed, is to admire.

And before wrapping up this review it is necessary to clarify the relationship between Marty and Wendy , there is love-hate-betrayal among them but at the same time there is a fidelity to the family that they have created above all. None of them is to evaluate of a single color, they present many facets where we can see them vulnerable and at the same time decided. The strength of both is created by desires for survival and away from the danger of the criminal world that surrounds them, but also seek to distance themselves from everything that removed them from being who they were before getting involved in all that topic.

Keep in mind that Episode 8 is a true jewel of television. Ozark is one of the best drama series to have come out in 2017, so just do not miss out and see it as soon as possible.

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