Twitter Might Soon Cost You $99 A Month

Like every other company, Twitter needs to make money. Its earnings results over the past quarters show that the company has been burning money. That is never good.

In fact, Twitter reported a loss of $116 million in the second quarter of this year compared to the $107 million loss they declared in the same period last year. It needs to earn more money plain and simple.

Well, Twitter is trying to open up a new revenue stream by launching a $99 per month service that automatically promotes users’ tweets.
Twitter user Matt Navarra, who has used Twitter’s ad platform in the past, was invited by the microblogging network to take part in a private beta for a new service that “automatically amplifies your tweets and profile” for 30 days.

If you have been invited to the private beta, you will get the first 30 days for free and then you will pay $99 per month for the service. You will get a report card every week that shows additional reach, followers, and engagements as a result of the automatic promotion. This should make the process of promoting tweets on the social network easy for users and brands. You don’t have to spend time to create ads. Twitter automatically promotes the tweets and profile for $99 per month. We don’t know when Twitter will launch this service for all users. Will they make money? We will see.

Source Ubergizmo

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