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Aviation Announces First Short Film “Meet Ronald”

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Aviation Media Inc is proud to announce our first short film titled Meet Ronald that will releasing later this year.

Meet Ronald is a comedy that is created, written, co-directed  and stars Dahol Otoide, The film also stars Fred Kuhr, Madi Violet Graves and Anna Pelc-Draper and is directed by Joseph Pedrosa.


“Ronald and Megan  have just officially  finished celebrating their one year anniversary and in honor of the milestone they want to move towards the next step in their relationship: meeting the parents. First impressions are everything but when Ronald gets an invite for lunch at Megan’s house..let’s say thing’s don’t go as planned”

Meet Ronald will be releasing October 23, 2017 via YouTube and Vimeo and will be hitting streaming platforms like iTunes, Amazon and more shortly after.

Check out the teaser image and stay tuned for more information. C

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