This Is How To Tweet With 280 Characters

Recently Twitter posted an update about in future update you can tweet with 280 characters and people are going gaga over it forgetting the fact that once twitter said they wanted to go for 10000 letters just like facebook before, glad they didnt did that. But here’s a git hub trick That you can actually post 280 characters tweet like few others.

  • Download Tampermonkey for your browser of choice (Chrome webstore link)
  • Visit this this Github repository, click the “raw” button, then tell tampermonkey to “install” the script (or copy and paste the code into a new script in Tampermonkey)
  • Now visit, make sure the script in running in Tampermonkey, then tweet away

It’s a simple workaround that will work automatically on every time you use the web client to tweet. Tampermonkey is a widely used userscript manager, and the javascript is a harmless workaround that simply bypasses the tweet button limit.

Twitter is slowly testing its 280 character tweet limits with a variety of accounts, so if you don’t want to install Tampermonkey then its your choice.



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