Future & Young Thug ‘Super Slimey’: Review

With “What A Time To Be Alive”, Drake contrasted with Future nicely because they had different sounds and voices to their music, with Drake’s cry-baby, r&b flavour, fused with Future’s typical discussions of activist, strippers and other drugs, it was a successful collab. I was interested to hear what this new project would sound like, although Young Thug sounds very similar to Future, they obviously have their differences in style.

“Super Slimey” starts off with the song “No Cap“, which is the beginning of Future and Young Thug’s boasting on the album. “No Cap”, or “No Cappin’” means that one is not exaggerating anymore about their wealth and fame; they are comfortable in their status. I liked the instrumental on this track, hard hitting bass and a the classic Future siren, most notable in “Fuck Up Some Commas”, this song gets you immersed in the trap flavour of the two trappers immediately. In “Three” future touches on how he is going to provide the best for his children, awe, how touching. Meanwhile, Young Thug isn’t surprising anyone, talking about his money, and jewellery, yet again. The beat is pretty much the exact same shit that you hear on No Cap, and even at only the second song I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire album had the same, monotonous trap beat.

If I had to pick between the two, Young Thug would definitely be my pick, just because I love the way he uses his voice as an instrument, you can feel the emotion of his words with the way he stretches his notes in ridiculous ways, so even though you can rarely understand what he is saying without pulling up the lyrics, you get the feeling of the track as if his voice was a guitar solo throughout the track. Future however, has got me snoozing throughout this entire album, this really is nothing but another braggadocios trap album, so if you’re looking for innovation, look elsewhere.

A lot of the time on this album, I find myself enjoying the combination of Future and Young Thug, like on the track “Drip On Me“, or “Feed Me Dope“, but for the most part its honestly just a very repetitive album, and if it wasn’t for Young Thug’s colourful flows and cadences, this album would just sound like another add-on to Future’s list of boring, milked music. Obviously, this mumble rap stuff isn’t in my favourites list, but if you love listening to Thug and Future, and aren’t looking for substance and deep meaning in lyrics, then this album would be perfectly suited for you. Lets just hope Future can pull some new moves off with his upcoming records.


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