The Untitled Hans Solo Movie Finally Has A Title

Ron Howard has given the title for the film about the space hero Han Solo from the ” Star Wars ” Kinoreihe . On Twitter the Hollywood director (63, “Inferno”) posted a short video, in which he thanks the crew and the actors for the cooperation in the just completed shooting.

“Can we betray the name of the movie now?” Howard asks with serious seriousness. Two hairy arms, an image of the Star Wars figure Chewbacca, give him a blackboard with the inscription “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. “See you next year,” Howard grins at the camera. At the end of May the film will be released.

Howard had started shooting in July. In the “Star Wars” interview about the popular companion Luke Skywalker, it is about the life of the young Han Solo, before he met Skywalker. Alden Ehrenreich plays the young smuggler Han Solo, also ” Game of Thrones ” star Emilia Clarke , Woody Harrelson and Paul Bettany play roles in the film post.


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