Frank Ocean May Be Done His Next Album

In 2012, Frank Ocean had promised that he would release 5 albums before his 30th birthday. The theory “5 Albums Before 30” quickly became cult among fans of the artist, having been at the origin of multiple speculations for several years. And even though Ocean blew his thirtieth candles on October 28, he would have kept his word on his five albums. Indeed, the message posted on his Tumblr account is as follows: “Bah I did the album before my 30 years. I did not just go out! – quotes from an interview that I did not give haha. ”

Frank Ocean explains that he recorded a new album before celebrating his 30th birthday and that he kept his promise. The former member of Odd Future imagines an interview in which he evokes this new record, justifying himself to have finished the album before his thirtieth birthday. After Nostalgia Ultra , Channel Orange , Blonde and Endless , will we have the chance to discover the fifth album in the coming months? Who knows.

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