Jaden Smith ‘SYRE’: Review

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz dared to suggest in May that in the search for ” the new Nirvana ” one also had to take someone like Jaden Smith into account. The child star who owes his celebrity to Father Will? The boy who once twittered that the majority of the trees were blue? And then there was suddenly SYRE , the debut album of Jaden Smith. And then that comparison was suddenly less absurd.

Jaden Smith is a special boy. He makes music, art, clothing and ecological water bottles. A few years ago he and other young creatives decided to set up their own record company and movement MSFTSRep. It is a platform for ‘misfits’, misfits. SYRE is still the largest release of the MSFTS crew. It is a plate  refusing to obey. It is an elusive work of art that can turn one hundred and eighty degrees at any time without being chaotic. Rock, pop and all corners of hip-hop come by. ” A Beautiful Confusion ” is the subtitle of this album. And there is no one who can find a better description. It is a glimpse into the mindset of a misunderstood genius. This album requires concentration. You have to make an effort to understand what SYRE is now actually want to say.

The first four songs are actually one track called BLUE, a twelve minute musical composition that includes sister Willow and Tyler, The Creator. There is effortlessly switched between acoustic instruments and the hardest beats, with Jaden Smith rapping about Jimi Hendrix and the chaos in his mind. The track Breakfast with A $ AP Rocky is actually the least, but fortunately later single Falcon comes. A brilliant production and Jaden that rushes through the song in a hurry, with a brilliant fresh by Raury as a feature. Jaden chooses to place the song Ninety of seven minutes and Lost Boy of nine minutes in succession. It takes effort, but they are beautiful songs where especially Lost Boy feels after a few listens as the best song of the album. A guitar-driven song that churns, but in a good way. Jaden sings and raps emotionally about being a lost boy, and you feel the sympathy for the former Karate Kid increase.

Then follows the big switch of the album. Less arty, more straight-to-the-point hip-hop. Batman and Watch Me were released earlier, but are also whole tracks that sparkle. The song Icon has the best beat, so Jaden gets away with it in order to boast about his ‘icon living’. All other remaining songs are also all equipped with great production and seem inspired by Kendrick and Kanye. On album cover SYRE the story of the album is explained again. SYREis murdered but lives forever, but is also forever but never alone. This only understands Jaden. But the album as a whole is a surprising masterpiece that can compete with the recent releases of the big names Tyler and Kendrick. Whether it will be a major breakthrough for Jaden’s is the question. That depends on the willingness of the public to understand SYRE , but in any case not on Jaden.

Our favourites

  • Lost Boy
  • Falcon
  • Icon
  • George Jeff

Stream SYRE below.



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