Twitter Doubles Tweets To 280 Characters

Just six weeks ago, Twitter did an experiment. He decided to double the character limit to one of his users to observe his behavior. He wanted to know if the 140 characters were an impediment when making frequent use of his platform.

After this time, they have decided to make a change that, for the most purists, undermines the essence of the service and, for the majority, it will be a relief. In the future, the limit of Twitter will be 280 characters, twice the original, except in Japanese, Korean and Chinese, languages ​​in which 140 are used to express themselves with ease. The entry into force from the measure will be gradual from today and in a few weeks will have all.

Aliza Rosen , product manager, explains how they have tried to find a balance: “The goal was to extend the character limit while maintaining the speed and brevity of Twitter. After analyzing the results, we announced that we have achieved the objective and that we will implement this change to all the languages ​​in which the restriction of 140 was a barrier “.


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