Uber Is Introducing Flying Cars to Los Angeles by 2020

Uber seems to be getting ready to make a big change with its Elevate project. After announcing that the company will bring flying taxis to Dubai and Texas earlier this year, new plans to introduce airborne vehicles to LA have been announced. Aimed to solve the city’s serious traffic problems, the company has produced a video demonstrating the experience.

Speaking in Lisbon recently, chief product officer Jeff Holden “predicted heavy use of UberAir” by the 2028 Olympic games and claimed that the program, entitled UberAir, could cut a 1.5-hour car trip down to under a half-hour. Noting that the vehicles are intended to fly fairly close to the ground, Uber recently signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to create a traffic control system. Sandstone Properties has also partnered up to create 20 landing pads or “skyports” for Uber’s network of vehicles.


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