Kanye West Is Reportedly Being Sued For Unpaid Wages On YEEZY Season Production

Kanye West is on the opposite end of a Lawsuit from  Dde Sourcing over the production of his YEEZY Season 2, 3, and 4 , reports The Fashion Law. Derya Gulseven of the firm states that Kanye West’s Brands Fashion LLC has yet to pay them $228,000 USD for hiring Dde to recruit manufactures for the textiles used in the collection and make them available stateside.

The Fashion Law reports that YEEZY Season 2 agreement was eliminated “just months before the scheduled delivery date.” In addition “Gulseven was allegedly robbed of her 7 percent commission – or $87,000 USD – on the $1.25 million USD order [for YEEZY Season 2].” Not to mention, her commission rate for YEEZY Season 3 was initially 7 percent while West Brands presumably only gave her 4 percent commission, offering “her a check for only $77,246 USD ‘with no explanation’ as to the reduced commission rate,” The Fashion Law also added.

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