A Pair Of The Chanel x adidas NMD x Pharrell Sold For $25,000 USD

When it comes to fashion, it’s hard to say exactly what people can pay for. Especially for extremely limited parts items.  In the past days, for the BBC’s Children In Need donation event, the teddy bear, designed by Louis Vuitton x Supreme, sold for over $80,000 USD.

.The newest product, which appears to be in the ranks of high selling prices, is Chanel x Adidas Originals shoes designed by Pharrell. There are only 500 pairs of shoes from the market to celebrate the takeover of Colette, the Parisian fashion boutique that will officially close its doors this month, but recently a pair got sold on sneaker auction site StockX for $25,000 USD, not to mention majority of the pairs are reselling on eBay for  $15,000 and 20,000 USD.

chanelstockx - A Pair Of The Chanel x adidas NMD x Pharrell Sold For $25,000 USD


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