Nike To Open Up their Biggest Flagship In NYC In 2019

Nike is getting ready to expand the Swoosh in NYC. Today the sportswear giant announced that they will be opening a new flagship store that covers more than 69,000 square feet at 650 Fifth Avenue at West 52nd Street in 2019.

“Our new flagship store is about serving all of our consumers – especially our NikePlus members — with pinnacle innovative products, a unique design and environment and the very best of personalized service,” said President of Nike Direct Heidi O’Neill in a statement.

According to the press release from the company states that  floors one through four of the newly-announced store will feature a multi-sport assortment of product innovation and services. The fifth floor will be a NikePlus members-only destination, and will provide customers access to special products, experiences and customization opportunities. With the membership, customers will be able to skip lines completely and purchase an item digitally through an app.

To get more information, click here.

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