Tyler, the Creator Wants To Go Into Movies Now

tyler 2 - Tyler, the Creator Wants To Go Into Movies Now

In a new interview with the LA Times, Tyler the Creator stated that he wants to go into cinema for his next field.

Tyler notably proclaimed his desire for cinema … behind the camera: ” I want to make short films … I think A24 is great. I would like to do something with A24, whether it’s a 20 minute short film or a feature film. “That’s how former Odd Future member made a clear foot call to A24, a well-known film production and distribution company. They were responsible for the critically-acclaimed Moonlight film that was crowned with 3 Oscars last year.

lready very involved in music, design, the production of his clips but also in a festival, Tyler, The Creator seems determined to continue this development in many artistic fields. And that’s good for his fans.

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