Chance The Rapper & Dwayne Wade Produced A Basketball Documentary

chance the rapper shot in the dark documentary - Chance The Rapper & Dwayne Wade Produced A Basketball Documentary

Titled Shot In The Dark , this documentary will focus on a team of young people from the city of Chicago.

Proud Chicagoans, Chance The Rapper and Dwayne Wade will be the executive producers of a documentary film that will showcase the lives of the Chicago’s Orr Academy basketball players as well as the difficult daily life of the South Side, the hottest neighborhood in their hometown. Asked about this ambitious project, Chance The Rapper said he wanted to focus on the cultural and social impact that basketball can have in Chicago, especially in the South Side: “Shot In The Dark is an authentic and realistic look on high school basketball in the city and what it stands for youth. It’s not just a game for many of us. ” 

For his part, Dwayne Wade goes back to the fact that basketball remains one of the only ways to find a place in society society for many young people from working-class neighborhoods: “Basketball allowed me to surpass the challenge that represents youth in the South Side. Chances were not on my side, but this sport has changed my life. It’s important to share these stories of triumph through sport to encourage the new generation to realize their dreams despite the obstacles they face. ”  Critically acclaimed at its New York premiere, Shot In The Dark will air on the Fox later this month and should be available online in the coming weeks.

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