Rappers Who Will Be In The Hip Hop All Star Game 2018 Revealed

Quavo - Rappers Who Will Be In The Hip Hop All Star Game 2018 Revealed


In addition to the traditional dunk contests, three-point shoots and the legendary match between the best players in the league, the All Star Game 2018 will offer this year a match between rappers. A few weeks ago, the NBA announced that Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz would be captains of teams and therefore had to constitute their squad of rappers to play this game. The two men have unveiled their teams this weekend and we find quite a lot of big names.

The Snoop Dogg team will include Chris Brown, who has already played numerous charity matches alongside the Californian rapper. For its part 2 Chainz has called on artists like Quavo and Playboi Carti, as well as French Montana. The two teams will face off Friday, February 16th.

Check out the teams below.

Team Snoop Dogg
– Chris Brown 
– Kamaiyah 
– David Banner 
– Snoop Dogg 
– Camp K 
– Daylyt 
– Hitman Holla 
– Joe Moses 
– TDot IllDude

Team 2 Chainz
– Quavo 
– Young MA 
– Lil Bibby 
– Playboy Carti 
– Fabolous 
– French Montana 
– Dorrough 
– Wale 
– Short Dawg 
– Trinidad James

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