Meek Mill May Be Coming Home Soon

meekend music II - Meek Mill May Be Coming Home Soon

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Constable Reginald V. Graham is far from clear. The name of the police officer who arrested Meek Mill in 2007 and testified against him before a judge appears in a file listing corrupt police officers, a list compiled by the prosecutor of Philadelphia. Graham is suspected because of his multiple dishonest behaviors while performing his duties and his tendency to often incriminate African-American suspects. The possibility of corruption is all the more serious for Meek Mill that this police is directly at the origin of his placing on probation which earned him the prison at the end of last year.

Meek Mill’s lawyer explained, explained that the recent charges may well help his client out of jail sooner than expected if guilt was proven Graham: “This Corrupt officer not only arrested Meek, but he also brought allegations that Meek has always denied. He is the only policeman to testify against Meek. ”  He also reveals that the rapper was made aware of the critical situation in which the man who arrested him was: ” He is not surprised by this story . He always maintained that he had never been in possession of drugs and had never pointed a weapon at a police officer. “

Tacopina took the opportunity to give reassuring news from his client, still imprisoned in Pennsylvania: “With this potential release from liability, he can not feel better. He lives his life while remaining positive and he is aware that outside his support is very numerous. Not only his entourage and celebrities but also all the people in the community who have experienced the same police injustice as him. “  We will obviously keep you informed of all the advances in this case that could certainly lead to the early release of the rapper.

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