Drake On Giving Away $1 Million “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done In My Life”

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Drake has been getting a lot of praise for his “God’s Plan” video, where he gave nearly a million dollars to organizations, shelters and people in need. Last night the good people over at TMZ caught up with the Toronto rapper to ask him how he felt about his giving lately. Drizzy replied with “[It’s] actually the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, to be honest.”  a million dollar. Giving away that kind of money to people in need and to non-profit organizations is something to very proud of and should be an aspiration for many artists.

Drake further went on to say to top his God’s Plan video, he would just have to continue giving back to others and doing good.  After Drizzy answered the news reporter’s questions, he sped of in a crazy whip.

Watch the video below. In the meantime, Drake challenged everyone to do the “God’s Plan Challenge”.


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