Pizza Hut To Release Sneaker Collection With Impressive Bluetooth Functions

Following their previous March Madness sneaker collection, they’re returning with a brand new set of shoes with  shockingly impressive features.

636558441663955640 Pie Tops II Wheat Packaging 300x169 - Pizza Hut To Release Sneaker Collection With Impressive Bluetooth Functions

On Monday, the pizza chain revealed the Pie Tops II, which features Bluetooth technology to allow its wearers to order pizza by pressing a button on their shoes, a button on the tongue of the left shoe is also capable of pausing live TV.

The shoes pair with the owner’s smartphone and a Pie Tops app for iPhone or Android. Pressing a button found on the tongue of the right shoe will place your pizza order. Once a user presses the button, it will open the app to confirm their order and address. On March 19, large online retailer HBX will offer 50 pairs of the Pie Tops II for sale, but Pizza Hut said pricing won’t be revealed until closer to launch.

Last year, Pizza Hut launched the first edition of Pie Tops, but only made the shoes available through a special promotion. Now consumers will be able to purchase these highly sought after shoes. Resell value is expected to be high.

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