Vans “Yacht Club” Footwear Pack

vans yachtpack 00 - Vans "Yacht Club" Footwear Pack

Vans has revealed a footwear back inspired by the sailing flags of yacht clubs. The pack is made up of the Old Skool and Slip-On model, both of which have been redone in vibrant block blue, green, yellow and red canvas patches alongside a white vulcanized rubber midsole. They also come premium leather liner and padded collar.

The pack will is available from select retailers including KITH.


vans yachtpack 01 - Vans "Yacht Club" Footwear Packvans yachtpack 02 - Vans "Yacht Club" Footwear Packvans yachtpack 03 - Vans "Yacht Club" Footwear Pack

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