Flatbush Zombies To Release Sophomore Studio Album April 6th

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Following their debut album “3001: A Laced Odyssey”, Flatbush, New York’s Flatbush Zombies released their track list for their second studio album entitled: VACATION IN HELL. Exclusively produced by team member Erick Arc Elliott, this album will deliver psychedelic and engaging beats with highly creative rhymes. The album will be followed with a North American tour which in stopping in Toronto, Canada which members at Planet Aviation will attend and provide exclusive content May 16th.

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Almost exclusively featuring New York rappers, the track list has few, but powerful features. Joey Bada$$, A$AP Twelvyy, & rapper Denzel Curry. This album should be nothing short of eminence they have released prior.

  1. HELL-O (prod. Tyler Dopps)
  2. CHUNKY (prod. Erick The Architect)
  3. VACATiON feat. JOEY BADA$$ (prod. Erick The Architect & Tyler Dopps)
  4. M.BiSON (prod. Erick The Architect)
  5. HEADSTONE (prod. Erick The Architect)
  6. BiG SHRiMP (prod. Kirk Knight)
  7. LEATHER SYMPHONY feat. A$AP TWELVYY (prod. Erick The Architect)
  8. REEL GiRLS feat. BUN B (prod. Erick The Architect)
  9. FACTS feat. JADAKISS (prod. Erick The Architect)
  10. ASK COURTNEY (prod. Hector Delgado)
  11. CROWN feat. PORTUGAL. THE MAN (prod. Erick The Architect)
  12. PROXiES (prod. Erick The Architect)
  13. U&I feat. DIA (prod. Erick The Architect)
  14. THE GODDESS feat. DAVE B (prod. Erick The Architect)
  15. TRAPPED (prod. Erick The Architect & Anthony Flammia)
  16. BEST AMERiCAN (prod. Erick The Architect)
  17. MiSUNDERSTOOD feat. NYCK CAUTION (prod. Erick The Architect & Hector Delgado)
  18. YOUAREMYSUNSHiNE (prod. Erick The Architect)
  19. THE GLORY feat. DENZEL CURRY (prod. Erick The Architect)



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