A Playboi Carti x Off White Collaboration May Be Coming Soon

playboi carti off white collaboration rumor 1 - A Playboi Carti x Off White Collaboration May Be Coming Soon

According to insistent rumors,  Playboi Carti may be releasing a capsule collection in collaboration Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label.

The clue that gave credence to this hypothesis is an illustration from @_artdealer_, a caricature drawing of Carti himself wearing what looks like the famous yellow industrial belt Off-White and sneakers Virgil Abloh x Air Jordan 1, the background the Off-White logo covered with blue butterflies appears and in the upper part the writing in red graffiti style “Off-Carti”.

Although there are no official statements, under the Instagram post of the design Off-White commented “!!!!!!!!!!!!”, while @_artdealer_ added “Soon **”.

We keep our fingers crossed, but the collaboration between Carti and Abloh seems to be real.

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