Kayne West Being Sued By Jordan Outdoor Enterprises

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Kanye West might have trouble getting around this. West’s clothing company, “Yeezy Apparel” has been deliverer a lawsuit by a company claiming that “Yeezy jacked its camouflage patterns”

In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Georgia on Tuesday, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises Ltd. says that Yeezy lifted its copyrighted patterns.

According to the complaint, a Yeezy representative contacted Jordan in 2016 about using the patterns. Jordan said that Yeezy would need to submit a licensing approval, but not only did Yeezy NOT submit an application, the company proceeded to copy the patterns “and falsify, remove, and alter Jordan’s copyright management information”

This could put West’s Yeezy label at serious risk, and will limit not only the future releases of the label, but West might have to destroy previously released Yeezy clothing. Below are some of the YEEZY apparel breaching copy-write laws.

download 1 - Kayne West Being Sued By Jordan Outdoor Enterprises


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