Lil Xan Shares Updated Album Cover & Release Date For His Debut Album

Lil Xan album cover 10x10 300x200 - Lil Xan Shares Updated Album Cover & Release Date For His Debut Album

Redlands, California’s hit rapper “Lil Xax” sets a final release date for his debut album “Total Xanarchy”. After a long delay from hearing about it, Lil Xan took to Hot 97 to release a final date the original album will be dropped. Originally scheduled to be released tomorrow (March 17th), he announced there will be a 3 week delay on the album, and is supposed to be on all platforms April 6th.

The 21-year-old rapper also spoke about what listeners can expect to hear on Total Xanarchy. “This album is where I feel like I shine with the whole creativity,” he said. “It’s a lot of stuff people haven’t heard. It’s a very mature sound. I don’t think they’re going to expect it.” and although the delay, the rapper did bring fans some good news by promising a few big names on the project.

“I got YG, 2 Chainz, Charli XCX and Diplo,” Xan said on Hot 97. “We really wanted the album to be something else.”

There is no track list announced as of yet, but fans would not be wrong to expect a worth-the-wait album.

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