What In The World Is Happening To Twitter?

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Every social media user has at some point been on Twitter. Twitter is one the worlds largest social media platforms which Facebook doesn’t have a stake in.

Over the past few weeks you may of noticed the lack of popular, parody, and large content distribution accounts on your timeline. Such as the infamous “meme-stealers” like @Dory @Girlposts.

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This lack of activity is due to the simple fact Twitter is permanently suspending these accounts due to these accounts breaking multiple twitter rules. Twitter even suspended Planet Aviation’s famous streetwear content and promotion page @StreetwearArts.

What rules exactly did these accounts break exactly? Hard to say but a lot of these accounts have been stealing copywrited content & selling promotions to make thousands of dollars a month through the use of Twitter’s social media manager “Tweetdeck”, and the declining stock of Twitter means Twitter has been cracking down on anything effecting their revenue streams.

Twitter was already becoming obsolete, and the suspension of these accounts lost millions of active users, if you’re still using Twitter for personal use you’re becoming one-of. Many blogs, pages, and users are becoming heavily Instagram orientated, meaning Facebook will soon monopolize the social media market yet again.


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