Thanos Is Coming To Fortnite, complete with the Avengers: Infinity War Gauntlet

Dcnfvi1XUAEPp16 - Thanos Is Coming To Fortnite, complete with the Avengers: Infinity War Gauntlet

Tomorrow , May 8, there will be a special event at Fortnite , which is probably the most ambitious crossover in the history of videogames.

This is part of the hit movie Avengers: Infinity War  within the game. Specifically, the famous Infinity Gauntlet that will be in the middle of a game and the player who manages to capture it will have special powers and advantages over other people.

As they say in Entertainment Weekly , it is a special way where whoever gets the gauntlet will become Thanos and with a snap of fingers could cause havoc of the kind that those who saw the tape will already know.

From official Fortnite accounts they say that this crossover is a limited event:

And according to reports, the event will be available on virtually all platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox, Mac and iOS. Android not yet, because on Android the game has not yet come out. But eventually we all know that it will.

This is also another proof of how Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, has gradually taken the lead in the battle royale world. Because until last year, these games were known basically only thanks to PUBG. But in the last few months that has changed and Fortnite is clearly taking all the glory.

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