The Weeknd May Be Dropping A New EP This Friday

the weeknd were alone together ep - The Weeknd May Be Dropping A New EP This Friday

After posting his melancholy post-ruptures on My Dear Melancholy, the Toronto native is set to unveil a new EP this Friday. Presumably titled We’re Alone Together, this project started being teased by The Weeknd via a change of profile picture and bio on his Instagram profile.

On April 19, The Weeknd had already posted a photo of his live Coachella with the caption “we’re alone together” and a date at the bottom right of the shot “5 9 94” which could correspond to May 9. As a reminder, the Canadian singer had already used this technique to secretly announce the release date of My Dear Melancholy on March 31, by placing the numbers “3 31 94” on one of his Instagram posts.

Dcg8QPEWkAA37IW - The Weeknd May Be Dropping A New EP This Friday

In addition, an image of a screenshot of an iTunes page on which this new project is classified in future releases leaked on the web in the last hours. Everything seems to indicate that the return of The Weeknd is imminent and that it could intervene as of the end of week. With a heartbreaking title like We’re Alone Together, it’s a safe bet that this new EP should once again prove that The Weeknd is never as good as when his heart is broken.

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