Childish Gambino Album Sales Spiked 419% Following Him On “This Is America” & “SNL”

childish gambino album sales spike this is america snl - Childish Gambino Album Sales Spiked 419% Following Him On "This Is America" & "SNL"

Childish Gambino is now on his way to be one of the greatest to ever do it. From music, acting, writing or directing, and with his latest single “This Is America”, the rapper performed on “Saturday Night Live” following releasing the music video the same night.

Now it has been reported that Gambino’s latest single and him appearing on SNL has helped three of his albums re-enter the Billboard 200 alongside his album sales spiking 419%, states Billboard. The data reports that all together, he moved 11K copies in comparison to 2K from the week prior. Additionally, his streams has gone up 487% which also includes the 65.3 million he gained through his latest single “This Is America”.


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