Idris Elba To Star And Direct Netflix’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

idris elba hunchback of notre dame - Idris Elba To Star And Direct Netflix's "Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Idris Elba has been tapped to star in Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre DameThe Hollywood Reporter reports. Along with starring in the film, Elba will also direct and produce the project under his Green Door production outfit. He will also be producing original music for the film as well.

The film will be based on the The Hunchback of Notre Dame, an 1831 novel by Victor Hugo, that tells the story of  Quasimodo, a hunchback, who falls in love with a gypsy, Esmeralda. Elbra will play Quasimodo, with the role of Esmeralda is yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned for more information.

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