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Pope Francis Has His Very Own Lamborghini

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Pope Francisco received a brand new Lamborghini car on Wednesday, but will not use it to walk through the Vatican gardens. Instead, the copy of the special edition Hurricane will be auctioned by Sotheby’s and the funds will be used to rebuild the Christian communities

Tesla Introduces “Chill” & “Text” Modes

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Elon Musk earlier this year teased a Ludicrous easter egg in its Tesla Model S P100D that made it the quickest car to reach 60 mph, and now Tesla promises a more “chill” feature. It’s latest driving mode makes for a “gentler ride” in EVs,

Akira x Supreme Car Got Spotted In Front Of Colette Paris

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Earlier this month, we revealed the next Supreme collaboration with the Japanese AKIRA manga. No launch date has been confirmed, it seems that the collection is coming soon since an object and not least has been seen recently: a car. A red Fiat 500, Supreme’s signature

California Will Allow Self-Driving Cars Without Humans In 2018

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It’s been announced that, starting next year, California will allow autonomous vehicles to drive on its roads without the need for a human to be sitting behind the wheel. The cars will also not require steering wheels, foot pedals or mirrors. With so many tech

Mercedes Benz Reveals Their First Ever Pick Up Truck

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Mercedes-Benz teased a pickup truck concept back in October but has now debuted the X-Class. The X-CLass is their very first pickup with four different engine offerings in both rear and all-wheel drive. The new pickup will also come in three different variants: “Pure,” “Progressive,” and

The New Audi A8 Has Artificial Intelligence

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The Audie A8 is one of the most Audi flagship cars so it always features some breaking technology.The car has a luxurious interior as well as a 48 volt electrical system. The really exciting factor to the car though is it’s artificial intelligence, which enhances

This Artist Imagines What Self-Driving Cars Would Look Like In 2030

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Self driving and electric cars are universally agreed to be the future of transport. We have decades of sci-fi telling us what that might look like but lately we’re seeing growth that’s making all of those visions seem dated. Luckily we have artists like Barcelona’s Omar Alfarra

Lincoln’s New 2018 Navigator Comes With Wi-Fi

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Lincolns 2018 Navigator is the SUV that all teams need. With a combination of modern luxury and advanced technology, every ride will feel like a first class flight. Wireless charging and standard Wi-Fi keeps everyone connected with a flow almost fluid on how easy it

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