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Palace’s Collaboration With Ciroc Releases Friday

Palace taps Circoc for their latest collaboration. The two brands have announced that the release date of their vodka. Following a previeq at MWADLANDSSkatepark by attendees, the bottle will be available this Friday, December 15th via. CirocGB. Reminder, you have to be 21 years or older to purchase. .....
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A Dragon Ball Restaurant Has Opened In Japan

Last week, the Japanese fans of Dragon Ball had the good surprise to see a restaurant with the image of the famous manga open in Osaka. There are always dishes featuring the rich universe of the series such as crystal ball pastries, soups of Vegeta, and or sushi Sayen. In addition to honoring the characters in the series with dishes and drinks, the restaurant has also dedicated its decoration to the theme of manga. Dragon Ball specific artwork and themes have even been speci.....
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