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Drake Gets Curved In The Latest Virginia Black Whiskey Ad

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The room is washed in a warm light from a fireplace flickering nearby. Passionfruit plays softly in the distance. Amongst the murmuring evening crowd, Drake stands solo at a marble bar, chain glistening against his dark turtleneck. He locks eyes with a sultry woman across

KFC Christmas Decorations Are Here

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The fast-food chain KFC has just released their newest offering to customers in New Zealand—chicken-themed ornaments. They even come in a custom-crafted black box for safe keeping. Because, obviously, these are items you are going to want to share with your kids one day. KFC’s

Pepsi Is Dropping A Salted Caramel Flavour

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Pepsi is joining the salter caramel wave by revealing it as their next flavour for the holidays. After introducing a cake-flavoured cola to Japan, the soda company is pumping out a salted caramel product. Debuting in the American market, Salted Caramel Pepsi is a limited-edition

Watch Action Bronson Make Pizza In Virtual Reality

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We all know Action Bronson is a stellar MC and entertainer in real life… but how well does he fare in virtual reality? Through virtual reality glasses, Bronson tries cooking, playing basketball, and even painting in the middle of the air. Despite being an amazing

A Cake-Flavoured Pepsi Is Coming To Japan

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Pepsi has revealed they will be introducing a new flavour dubbed “Christmas Cola” for the holidays. The new flavour is inspired by a Japanese spongecake that is filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream. The drink’s official press release, says that the drink was

This YouTube Chef Teaches You How To Make The Perfect Steak

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YouTube chef, Binging with Babish, made a name for himself by cooking meals that have been featured in TV shows and movies. But Babish is also a good chef in his own right. In his latest video, he demonstrates the proper way to cook a steak.

McDonald’s McRib Sandwich Is Back

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The original hyped item at McDonald’s – long before Szechuan sauce entered the pop culture lexicon — is returning. The fast-food chain is bringing the controversial McRib sandwich back in all its boneless pork glory to certain locations across the US starting early November. “There’s

Watch Gordon Ramsay Sample the Worst Halloween Treats

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Gordon Ramsay has an image of himself for destroying cooks dreams on reality TV, but this Halloween he turned his attention over to candy. This past weekend, the chef appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he reviewed classic Halloween treats like Candy Corn and Smarties

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