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Watch Two Guys Climb The Golden Gate Bridge

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If you have nothing to do, it’s safe not to put to put yourself in danger, but it seems two teenage daredevils by the names of Tommy Rector and Peter Teatime have decided to spend their Spring Break climbing the Golden Gate Bridge in San

Watch ‘Ricky and Morty’ In This ‘Alien: Covenant’ Crossover

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This summer, ‘Ricky and Morty’ will be premiering their third season and Adult Swim and to apparently tease fans, they have dived into the ‘Alien: Covenant’ world in an exclusive clip. The two find themselves on board a spacecraft and end up running into not-so-inviting

Here Are Our Favorite #BowWowChallenge Memes

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Bow Wow has caught himself the butt of a joke this week by posting a photo of him ‘stunting’ boarding a private plane all the meanwhile he was actually on a commercial flight. Bow Wow says the photo of him flying coach is old. This

Watch How The Official NBA Basketball Gets Made

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Spalding has been making the official game balls for the NBA since 1983. The relationship has lasted so long largely in part because Spalding takes the time to make sure ever game ball they produce is made with care. In the video above, Spalding shows

Watch John Wick Get Recreated With Nerf Guns

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What’s the only thing better than the real John Wick? Nerf John Wick. The guys over at the Corridor YouTube channel created this parody of the John Wick movie in which all of the real guns are replaced with Nerf guns. It’s just as action

These Guys Recreated NBA Jam in Real Life

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Remember how awesome NBA Jam was as a kid? The game provided endless hours of entertainment and also ruined some of my childhood friendships. It was one of the best games ever – no debate. And these guys were able to play out an NBA Jam

Watch This ‘Get Out’ Mash Up With The Trumps And The White House

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If you have seen the movie Get Out you need to see this hilarious spoof from Funny or Die . The comedy website mashed up a trailer for the horror-comedy and replaced Allison William’s character with Ivanka Trump who takes his African-American boyfriend (Daniel Kaluuya) to the White House

Learn How To Cook A Steak With Daily Household Appliances

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Cooking a perfect steak is not easy at all. Cooking a steak with a dishwasher is even more difficult, but watch as two duded show you how to cook steak with everyday household appliances, like a toaster, iron and a dishwasher. Watch the video below.

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