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Being Addicted To Selfies Is Now Considered A Mental Illness

Appeared for the first time in 2014 in an article published on an equivalent of Gorafi in the United States, the term “selfitis” now qualifies as a mental disorder officially recognized by professionals of psychiatry. The Independent newspaper reveals that this obsession with taking selfies has been studied in depth by researchers at Nottingham Trent University in England, which is alarming. The parodic article on “selfitis” has now become a reality, to the p.....
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A Dragon Ball Restaurant Has Opened In Japan

Last week, the Japanese fans of Dragon Ball had the good surprise to see a restaurant with the image of the famous manga open in Osaka. There are always dishes featuring the rich universe of the series such as crystal ball pastries, soups of Vegeta, and or sushi Sayen. In addition to honoring the characters in the series with dishes and drinks, the restaurant has also dedicated its decoration to the theme of manga. Dragon Ball specific artwork and themes have even been speci.....
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Here Are The Top 25 GIFs of 2017

GIPHY, has revealed their top 25 GIFs of 2017 determining the popularity by number of views. GIPHY states that “300 million of you share over 2 Billion GIFs EVERY DAY”, which is a hell of a lot of GIFs. Check out the top 10 embedded below and head over to GIPHY to see the fu.....
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Google Is Voted Again, As The Best Place To Work

Using transparency site Comparably, Business Insider has got employee ratings to create their list of the top 10 companies to work for. Google was named the best company in terms of company culture. The list was made up of employee ratings that was made from January 1 to November 17th, 2017. No incentives were given to submit a report but he list only includes business that has over 500 employees. Googl.....
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A Permanent Pokémon Cafe Is Now Open In Tokyo

The Pokémon Company International announced the opening next year of a permanent Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo. The “DX” Pokémon Center on the fifth floor of the urban shopping center Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East, the twelfth in Japan, will be the greatest center of all time, with 397 square meters of space dedicated to the shelves of the store and the display of plush, gadgets and exclusive products. Inside the store there will be a P.....
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