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LG 360 CAM: Review

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The CAM 360 is the VR video camera of LG, which apparently has been launched as a “friend” of the G5 phone next to the 360 VR headset . But it is not a requirement to have an LG phone, and you can even use

'Bevel' Shaving System: Review

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Although the market is filled with all different types of shaving products , Bevel is at the top of the list  and has grown with it’s targeted marketing and product placement . In this post we will describe the price, product, promotion and placement advantages

Sony Xperia Z5: Review

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With all Android manufacture’s clientele is beginning to dissolve into one homogenous, stock-like Android experience, it’s getting to be increasingly hard for leader handsets to emerge. They’re all offering much the same experience, so it appears that what stage holders are doing is tossing the

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