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New Photos for ‘Han Solo’ Film Emerge

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Fans have been waiting to see more from Donald Glover since he was announced to play Lando Calrissian, a smooth-talking criminal from Cloud City in the new Han Solo film. Today Director Ron Howard teased fans with a behind-the-scenes photo that actually features Donald Glover in the Millenium Falcon! Fans are

Watch An All New Trippy Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘Ricky and Morty’

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Adult Swim introduced the third season trailer for Rick and Morty, one of the most successful animations of recent years; Mainly for making many references, its politically incorrect sense and its eschatological humor. Well, from what we see in the video, all that will remain in this

Family Guy Shares Touching Tribute To Adam West

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Family Guy has shared a tribute to late Batman actor Adam West in a touching tribute video.West passed last month (June 8th) at the age of 88. The actor played bizarre mayor of Quahog Mayor which became an unlikely star in the animated series. Titled

Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

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Disney held its annual D23 expo recently which they chose to premiere a ton of new footage and details for their upcoming projects. A huge fan favourite, Star Wars, got a behind-the-scenes footage reel released to help hold us over until the December release. We get glimpses

Tim Burton Reveals His Version Of ‘Dumbo’ And It’s Terrifying

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Dumbo’s live action film is already in production and will feature visionary director Tim Burton and cast members Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green and Michael Keaton. The new version of the classic Disney tale of 1941 will premiere on March 29, 2019, was reported

‘The Incredibles 2’ Officially Has A Release Date

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The Superheldenfamilie The Incredibles will return with a sequel in the summer of 2018 – 14 years after the debut. On the D23, some information about the Sequel was announced. When The Incredibles 2 arrives in the US cinemas on 15 June 2018, the film is only a few minutes

Watch The Incredible Latest Trailer For ‘Blade Runner 2049’

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The announcement was made yesterday and finally we have here the new breakthrough of Blade Runner 2049 , the film by Denis Villeneuve that will be released in cinemas this October. In it we can see a lot of scenes that expand the universe of the film of Ridley Scott,as well as

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