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Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’ (Season 1): Review

The Punisher‘s first season is easily one of the top 5 seasons of TV of 2017 and has the best acting performance of 2017 from Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. His ability to do emotion, action and his range of being in charge to fighting back is an incredible delight to watch. The show itself has constant stakes, emotion, consequences, death and some of the most entertaining and engaging fighting i have ever seen, the same goes for the dialogue. I was entertained and engage.....
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Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 2): Review

Season 2 starts off in the middle of a heist. This isn’t Stranger Things as we know it, but we’re patiently waiting for what it’s in store. Yes it still take’s place in the 80’s, but a car chase seems a bit diminutive compared to the class of season 1, the flash in the pan that caught everyone off guard and steadily built a following. The finally it happens we are suddenly indulged in to the same intrigue and horror that made season 1 so entertaining and .....
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Netflix Releases New Punisher Teaser

It’s only been a couple days since Marvels Defenders was released on Netflix. Today Netflix teases us with the next ‘hero’ show that will be premiering on the site and that’s Punisher. Punisher first made his debut into the Marvel Universe back in Daredevil season 2. Last being seen actually turning a new leaf and helping out the good guys. Punisher’s show seems to be going into his past along with picking up where we last saw him in .....
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‘Ozark’ (Season 1): Review

There is nothing more satisfying than a series that you don’t expect to hook you but you end up falling in love with it and this happened with Netflix’s ‘Ozark’. The original series is about family involved with drug trafficking and money laundering combined with a dark blue city that provides the perfect color to a sublime plot. At the end of watching the ten episodes, the score this deserves is nothing more than perfect, a story told in a magnificent way and .....
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HBO In Talks To Make ‘Watchmen’ TV Series

HBO is once again in talks of creating ‘Watchmen’ series. This time around the network is in talks with Damon Lindelof the co-creator of The Leftovers and Lost. They are looking to him to start creating the comic book series turned graphic novel into a tv show. Zach Snyder had worked on the 2009 film and was once in the works of a 2014 television show with HBO, but unfortunately it ended up not working out. More than likely it is said that Snyder will not be a part of the.....
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‘Orange Is The New Black’ (Season 5): Review

I am a big Orange is the New Black fan since the show came out. Do I think its a master of its genre like House of Cards? No, but its addicting and very binge-worthy. However, slightly like House of Cards (but more to its decrement here) the show peaked. The early seasons of OITNB are good – not just ‘bingeable’. However a show that would of been a great 3-season show run, has dragged onto its fifth season. .....
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The Cast Of ‘Stranger Things’ Reveals Some New Details About Season 2

There are still six months before the second season of Stranger Things, but the cast of one of the most loved Netflix series wanted to reveal us a sneak peek. During an interview with PEOPLE, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp, the teen crew dealing with the creepy parallel world of the Upside Down, have unveiled that the new season will be darker and more horror. .....
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‘The Get Down’ (Part 2): Review

August of last year, Netflix was getting ready to land their biggest hit, an experimental, explosive drama to drop on the hottest month of the year. A series set decades in the past telling the story of a group of boys fighting the evils placed in their community. The first part of The Get Out was flawed, messy but entertaining. The series offered impressive musical portions and acting revelations especially Zeke (Justice Smith) carrying the story’s winding plot. When part one f.....
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Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’: Review

When Marvel first announced that Iron Fist was coming to Netflix, there was a lot of talk let alone since it finally went into production. But also there was talk about the casting. While reviewing all aspect of the series is important when reviewing the series as a whole, no matter where you stand with each issue none of that matters as we review the first 6 episodes of the new Netflix series. All that matters is how they intend to introduce a new series and introduce a new character.....
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