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HBO In Talks To Make ‘Watchmen’ TV Series

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HBO is once again in talks of creating ‘Watchmen’ series. This time around the network is in talks with Damon Lindelof the co-creator of The Leftovers and Lost. They are looking to him to start creating the comic book series turned graphic novel into a

‘Orange Is The New Black’ (Season 5): Review

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I am a big Orange is the New Black fan since the show came out. Do I think its a master of its genre like House of Cards? No, but its addicting and very binge-worthy. However, slightly like House of Cards (but more to its

‘The Get Down’ (Part 2): Review

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August of last year, Netflix was getting ready to land their biggest hit, an experimental, explosive drama to drop on the hottest month of the year. A series set decades in the past telling the story of a group of boys fighting the evils placed

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’: Review

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When Marvel first announced that Iron Fist was coming to Netflix, there was a lot of talk let alone since it finally went into production. But also there was talk about the casting. While reviewing all aspect of the series is important when reviewing the

Have A First Look At The ‘Jurassic Park’ Sequel

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Universal Pictures unveiled via its Facebook page a very first image for Jurassic World 2 , whose shooting has just begun. A picture of a young girl contemplating a triceratops skull in a room of a natural history museum. Who is this young girl and

Watch An All New Trailer For ‘Ghost in the Shell’

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The second trailer for the upcoming anime and manga classic Ghost in the Shell has been released and gives us more insight on the plot of the film that previous trailers. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson playing The Major, a one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid who is the leader

Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’: Review

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The latest adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s  A Series of Unfortunate Events books is about to hit Netflix tomorrow (January 13). Patrick Warburton (Kronk!) narrates the story with his mellowed tones as a Snicket himself, he opens up every episode with a hint of caution: don’t watch

Donald Glover's "Atlanta": Review

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We all watched Donald Glover play the goofy and nerdy Troy on “Community”  yet he was absent for the final season of the show. Fast forward to now Glover has an all new FX comedy named “Atlanta” that’s a career upgrade and progression. No longer

Narcos (Season 2): Review

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The first season of Narcos was a sprawling historical drama, taking viewers on a journey that began with the birth of the Columbian cocaine trade in the 1970’s, through the heights of Pablo Escobar’s campaign of terror during the first Bush Administration, and finally, his mock

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