Things You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

I’m not the person to tell people how to run their daily lives but there’s something in our lives we’re all doing wrong, including myself. I’m not sure who the first person was to correct all these mistakes or was it all created by our ignorance thinking we are always right.

You may not be all the way guilty of these but rather there’s a good chance you did a few of these things – this is a great time to learn how to do things right!

View the list below.

Use a clothing rod to hang your spray bottles to save space.

Use a clothing rod to hang your spray bottles to save space.

Dig a hole in your leftovers when heating them up in the microwave so the heat will spread evenly.

Drill holes in a trash can to prevent suction issues when pulling out and inserting a trash bag.

Make sure your headphone and charger cords don’t get tangled up by using bread ties to keep them in place.

Top drinks with a cupcake liner when entertaining outdoors so you don’t have to worry about pesky flies.

Rip the bag strategically so you no longer have to dip your hand into the bag to grab popcorn.

We’re breathing all wrong. The proper way of breathing is to breathe from your abs, not from your chest. Breathing from your chest area will result in shallow breaths and less oxygen intake.

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Did you know that the right way to praise your children is to praise their efforts? A Stanford study found that kids who have their efforts praised are more motivated and persistent than those who are praised for their abilities. For example, saying “You did a great job with those math problems,” is better for the child than saying, “You are so good at math!”

Put your phone in a cup when playing music to enhance the sound.

Eat snacks with a lot of residue with chopsticks so you won’t get any of the powder staining your fingers!

You probably loathe breaking in shoes. Just take a thick pair of socks, wear shoes, then use a hair dryer to blow on the tightest corners. Keep repeating until the shoes fit comfortably!

We’ve heard so many ways on how to rescue a phone you dropped in water, but the best strategy is to seal your phone in an airtight pouch with synthetic desiccant. You can start saving the packets you get in food packages or clothing, or you can buy your own from Amazon.

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