'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

R6S 11  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

Get ahead in The New Rainbox Six

Although Rainbow Six Siege has been delayed until December 1, it hasn’t stopped the TrustedReviews team from making sure you’re fully prepared for Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS.

These tips are best suited to the more traditional PVP multiplayer mode of Rainbow Six Siege, but they’re tactics you should keep in mind across the co-op PVE and single-player Situations components too.

After all, who doesn’t want to go into a fire fight totally prepared?

R6S 3  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

1. Know the traits of every single Operative

Team composition is crucial, so you’ll need to be very familiar with the 20 Operators available across the attacking and defending sides and their respective roles.

On a very basic level, Operators are split into five roles: Pointman, Breacher, Trapper, Blocker and Support.

Pointmen are the ones who are the first in line to face the threat. They’ve usually got a ballistics shield, which is great for protecting themselves and their teammates.

Breachers excel at creating new entry points and taking out enemies via destruction. Each one has a unique weapon for blowing stuff up and they’re all lots of fun.

Trappers, on the other hand, specialise in defensive manoeuvres, turning each location into a deadly fortress. Booby traps and more can make moving around a treacherous endeavour when there’s a Trapper about.

Then there are the Blockers. These guys have gadgets that aim to slow down the enemy, even if they are non-lethal. But they can often neutralise offensive gadgets and tools, turning the flow of the game to your advantage.

Finally, you can play as a Support. They specialise either in providing intel, extra armour or other useful items.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that each Operator moves at a different speed and has a varying level of armour. It’s the usual deal: The faster you move, the less armour you’ll have, while the slower you are the more armour you’ll be carrying.

R6S 6  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

2. Use your attacking preparation time wisely

“Knowing the position of your enemy or denying them access to yours should be one of your team’s top priorities. At the start of the preparation phase, the attackers spawn as drones. Your main priority is to scout out tracks, enemy positions and the objective locations. This will be key to the success of your mission.

Split up, tackle different levels and make sure you discover the locations of your enemies’ traps and the objective itself.

As the prep phase comes to an end, try to put your drone in a useful position, out of sight of the enemies. That’ll make sure it stays alive and can act as your eyes in the enemy camp mid-attack.

If you keep it safe and keep it hidden your drone can even tag enemies and keep them visible through walls for your team mates.

R6S 9  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

3. A defense strategy is always good

Use the preparation time when you’re defending to work out your defence strategy. Work out which areas of the map you want to zone off and make your base. Then fortify them with barricades, barbed wire and well-placed traps, that will make it harder for the opposing team to get to you.

Attackers will then find themselves slowed by your defences, and hopefully be left exposed.

Avoid the temptation to barricade yourselves in the objective room too. It’ll give your enemies the opportunity to surround you and your teammates, with little room for you to plan a counter attack.


R6S 4  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

4. Kill the drones

The defending team can help themselves a lot by keeping their eyes out for drones during the preparation phase. If you manage to shoot them before they spot the objective, you’ll give your team some more time to defend the target.

Just be careful, one tactic we adopted was to jump our drone around the hostage, with the defending team trying to shoot it and accidentally killing the hostage. Round 1 to us, but it makes for some very irate opponents next time around.

Also remember that if you don’t see any drones, the attacking team don’t know where you’re hiding out. In that case, the clock is your best ally. The more time that passes, the less time the attacking team has to find you and take you out.

R6S 15  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

5. Always stay alert

Wherever you are in Siege, whatever side you’re playing on, it pays to keep your eyes open.

There are things that you’ll notice that will reveal the enemy’s location whether you’re playing PVP or PVE. Is there a wall that’s been additionally fortified? Is there some barbed wire poking out from under the door? Or even some boot prints on the floor?

Anything can be a clue, so stay alert.

R6S 5  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

6. Use your ears as a weapon

Although sight is very important, so is your hearing. If you can’t see anything and don’t want to go in blind, you’ll often learn a lot more by lying in wait and listening for some audio cues.

It’s possible to hear enemies walking through barbed wired and breaking down barricades from quite a way away on a map. Plus, you’ll be able to hear your enemy’s footfall on the other side of a wall if you’re patient enough.

It can give you some insight into their location and give you the advantage if there’s a bit of a stalemate – particularly in the Situations modes.

R6S 8  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

7. Silence is the enemy

If you don’t talk to your teammates, you’re not going to get very far in Rainbow 6: Siege. Period.

Communication is key here, right from the point you pick your Operators, through the preparation stage and into the fire fight.

You’ll need to talk tactics, choose various entry points, discuss fortification methods and more. If you’re the only one not talking, you’re going to be the first one taken out.

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8. Destruction is an asset

Destruction opens up many opportunities in Siege, such as new navigation paths and lines of sight. You might understand the map layout, but you need to learn how to use different structures to your advantage.

You can shoot through certain walls to create a brand new vantage into the enemy camp, and might just catch them unawares. Shoot through them, throw flashbangs in or use other tactics to distract the enemy while the rest of the team hits them where it hurts.

Don’t forget there’s often the option to come in from above too. Some floors – along with the walls – are destructible and can open up new entry paths. There’s nothing better than dropping in on unsuspecting enemies via the roof. They’ll never see it coming.

Learn which surfaces are destructible and to what level quickly, then use them to your advantage whether you’re attacking or defending.

R6S 7  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

9. Don’t die

It goes without saying, but be careful when walking around a map. Rainbow 6: Siege practices permadeath, so a small mistake can cost you your life, and possibly the whole round for your team.

Make everything you do count, and for goodness sake don’t go all kamakaze on your team or lone wolf. Everything here is about communication and cooperation – unless you’re the last soldier standing of course.

10. If dead, use it to your advantage

Even if you are dead, you’re not deadweight to your team. Players out of the round can scroll through the feeds from the security cameras dotted around the map to locate advancing enemies and communicate the information to their team.

There’s a compass at the bottom of your screen that will help you make that information a bit more relevant too.

R6S 13  - 'Rainbow Six: Siege' Tips & Tricks

11. Run when you see white coats!

It might not be applicable for the PVP portions of Rainbow Six Siege, but in the PVE mode or Situations, if you see an enemy staggering towards you in a white coat, just run.

Well, if you can, try and unload a full mag of bullets into his chest and then run. These little bastards are strapped up to the neck in C4 and will explode when they get near you.

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