Who Will Be Next To Play James Bond?

We’re days into the release of the 24th authority James Bond film, Specter. Creator Ian Fleming’s most noteworthy creation has been gracing the extra large screen for more than 50 years now, making it the longest ceaselessly running arrangement ever. The past section in what has turned into the third most noteworthy netting motion picture establishment ever was 2012’s Skyfall, a huge hit with pundits and fans alike. Desires are high for what is accepted to be the last Bond film from star Daniel Craig and returning chief Sam Mendes, neither of whom are required to come back to the establishment.

At first, Mendes was against coordinating a second 007 enterprise, accepting he’d done all that he’d needed to do with the character in Skyfall, however it was Craig himself who persuaded Mendes to return. Interestingly enough, in spite of the fact that it was declared that he’d marked on for two more Bond movies after Skyfall, it appears Craig is currently the person who will require some persuading in the exact not so distant future. His late string of dubious remarks about the character appear to affirm that the 47 year old performer has each expectation of seeking after a quit condition in his agreement, permitting him to abandon Her Majesty’s Secret Service for the last time.

In the event that Specter does to be sure wind up being Craig’s fourth and last tackle MI6’s most prominent specialists, he’ll without a doubt go down as one of the best Bonds ever, if not the best. In any case, who will supplant him? The hot gossip from this past summer has Homeland star Damian Lewis pegged as Craig’s in all likelihood successor, yet we had a couple of thoughts of our own on the matter. Here are 10 Actors We’d Like to See Become the Next James Bond.


Starting things off is the obvious competitor, one that fans have been calling for approximately 10 years. Before Craig was chosen to star in the 2006 film Casino Royale, Elba was viewed as a substantial fan-most loved for the part. His name has come up regarding 007 a few times in the years since, most as of late this past summer, when Bond creator Anthony Horowitz said that Elba was “excessively road, making it impossible to fill the role. Poor stating aside, Horowitz went ahead to say that he thought Adrian Lester (star of the BBC arrangement Hustle) would be a superior decision for the character, however the social flame was at that point lit. Which asks the unavoidable inquiry: is the world prepared for a dark Bond?

Changing a built up character’s race is dependably a dubious move, particularly one too known as James Bond. Idealists will doubtlessly contend that no progressions to the character ought to ever be permitted, notwithstanding how splendidly suited Elba is by all accounts for the part. Eventually, then again, the choice may just come down to timing. Without a doubt the soonest we could hope to see the arrival of another Bond film would be 2017, when the Beasts of No Nation star would be turning 45, and that could just happen if pre-generation on the arrangement’s 25th film were at that point in progress. For the record, Roger Moore was likewise 45 when he initially depicted Bond in Live and Let Die, however his exceptional age was a typical fan objection until he quit playing the character at age 57.

Primary concern: Elba’s throwing may simply be a bit excessively questionable for the inventive personalities behind the following film to think. Regardless of this, Elba still hasn’t abandoned the part. “On the off chance that everybody needs something, they can get it going,” he told Variety back in September. On the off chance that Elba ever figures out how to arrive the part, at any rate he’ll know who to thank.


Following quite a while of champion exhibitions on the theater scene, Madden shot to acclaim when he handled the part of Robb Stark in the HBO hybrid sensation, Game of Thrones. Irritate’s three year curve as the yearning King in the North arrived at a sudden end in the penultimate scene of the show’s third season, when his character was killed in the notorious Red Wedding slaughter. After a brief spell out of the spotlight, Madden made his arrival to the standard prior this year with a strong turn as Prince Charming in Disney’s Cinderella.

The 29 year old performing artist has the looks and the appeal to play a man with a permit to kill, and happens to fit into a perfect age reach, regardless of the fact that MGM chooses to take as much time as necessary adjusting their next Bond film. The main impediment to Madden’s throwing is his overall acknowledgment as the eldest Stark youngster. Numerous fans will dependably take a gander at Madden and see the Young Wolf of Westeros, which would be a noteworthy concern. In the event that the local Scotsman can arrive a section or two that serves to further separate him from the part that made him well known, he ought to be viewed as a prime possibility to take up the Bond mantle.


Evans has been a fan-most loved for a few prominent parts throughout the years. His resume sports appearances in hit establishments like the Fast and Furious and The Hobbit set of three, however it appears to be reasonable to say that he hasn’t yet handled that one part that solidly characterizes his profession. James Bond would definitely qualify.

2017 will see the 36 year old tackle his greatest part to date, playing the abhorrent Gaston in Disney’s up and coming real life adjustment of Beauty and the Beast. Like current Bond Daniel Craig, Evans would convey a genuine edge to 007, permitting the character to proceed down the darker street Craig has taken him in the most recent decade. The thought of a consistent move between Bonds must be an interesting one to MGM, particularly considering the warm basic and business gathering the last couple of portions have gotten. Should the chiefs behind the establishment proceed with their darker-conditioned way to deal with the arrangement, Evans would be an extraordinary decision.


Best known for playing deformed criminal Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire, Huston’s making an in number push to end up the following huge thing in Tinseltown. Taking after appearances in Kill Your Darlings,American Hustle, and The Longest Ride, the 32 year old is set to star in two major discharges in 2016: Ben-Hur and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. While neither of Huston’s forthcoming activities are precisely certain flame film industry draws, they exhibit his status as one of Hollywood’s most looked for after youthful stars.A reputed contender for Doctor Strange, Huston as of late dropped out of the up and coming redo of The Crow. This fellow truly is all over the place.

The London-local resembles a shoe-into area a featuring part in a noteworthy establishment sooner or later, and he could be a characteristic fit for Bond. He’ll likely wind up on the shortlist for the part, particularly if the objective is to cast a relative-obscure that can completely submerge himself in the character—an aptitude Huston has come to be known for because of his extraordinary work on Boardwalk Empire. Watch out for this one, people.


In the event that Idris Elba’s throwing would be disputable, you can wager that Oyelowo’s would verge on Batfleck levels of web breakage. A traditionally prepared stage artist, Oyelowo burst on the scene with his featuring part in the widely praised 2012 dramatization Middle of Nowhere. The 39 year old has subsequent to wind up a standout amongst the most sought after abilities in Hollywood, with champion exhibitions in The Butler and Selma flaunting his noteworthy gifts as an on-screen character. Numerous keep up that Oyelowo’s work in the recent—in which he breathtakingly epitomized Civil Rights pioneer Martin Luthor King Jr.— was Oscar-commendable, however he was denied an assignment. Oyelowo is no more peculiar to enormous planned issues either, brandishing littler parts in movies like Jack Reacher and Interstellar on his resume also.

Back in August, Oyelowo was chosen to give the voice of James Bond for the book recording adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s new novel, Trigger Mortis. This obviously has no effect on any potential real life throwing, however maybe his voice execution will compel Bond makers to take a long, hard take a gander at the on-screen character when it comes time to supplant Craig. Regardless of whether the world (read: the web) is prepared for a dark Bond is far from being obviously true. Regardless of whether Oyelowo merits a genuine shot at the part is definitely an option.


Dan Stevens imparts a couple of consistent themes to some of our other 007 competitors. Like Oyelowo, Stevens has done his offer of voice work for Bond. He’s described 34 book recordings in this way, with especially remarkable work on Casino Royale, so it appears to be protected to say that Stevens can convey in the vocal division. What’s more, similar to his co-star Luke Evans, 2017 will carry with it the greatest part of Stevens’ vocation, where he’ll play the Beast/Prince Adam in the Beauty and the Beast motion picture. Things are turning upward for the London local.

The savagery that the 33-year-old conveyed to the 2014 wrongdoing dramatization, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and additionally the smooth nature he showed in his three year keep running on Downton Abbey, has us persuaded that Stevens would make for a profoundly convincing James Bond. On the off chance that you require more solid evidence of his ability, make sure to look at his criminally-underrated execution in the 2014 thriller The Guest, which is at present spilling on Netflix.


On the off chance that there’s a name on this rundown that you’ve never listened, it’s imaginable this one. The 35 year old Heughan is a relative newcomer to standard gatherings of people, having quite recently broken out a year ago with his featuring turn in the hit Starz arrangement, Outlander. Another traditionally prepared British on-screen character, Heughan’s execution as the Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser has left ladies all over the place swooning, an impact James Bond has been known not on the women now and again. The sheer physicality of Heughan (he’s 6’3, and fabricated like a superhero) would, in any event, convey a fascinating component to the seventh extra large screen incarnation of the character.

Yet, the arrangement that has brought Heughan notoriety could exceptionally well keep him from getting this very pined for part. The book arrangement on which Outlander is based comprises of eight books (as such), and the time responsibilities of the hit show may not permit to Heughan tackle Bond. Credit this one to a long-shot.

Fun certainty: Across the lake, Heughan featured as the Dark Knight in the visiting stage show creation Batman Live in 2012.


The youngest on-screen character on our rundown by a solid edge, this 25 year old is making genuine waves in the film business for his enlightening depictions of vexed young fellows. In the wake of getting his enormous break on the U.K. arrangement Skins, O’Connell has gone ahead to convey acclaimed exhibitions in dirty shows like Starred Upand the Angelina Jolie-coordinated Unbroken. In spite of the fact that he’s exhibited a slant toward littler, free movies, O’Connell made a strong appearing in the to a great extent forgettable sword and shoe continuation, 300: Rise of an Empire, demonstrating that he’s extremely proficient in or out of his customary range of familiarity.

In the event that the 25th passage in the Bond arrangement is discharged inside of the following five years, O’Connell would likely be the most youthful 007 to date (George Lazerby was three months short of his 30th birthday when On Her Majesty’s Secret Service turned out). There are not very many components of the Bond character that haven’t yet been investigated, keeping in mind numerous will let out a disliking moan at the insignificant notice of the words “cause story,” maybe a more energetic tackle Bond could inhale new life into the long-running establishment. O’Connell’s childhood makes him somewhat of a long-shot, however he’s certainly our pick ought to the studio choose to run with a more youthful performing artist for the part.


On the off chance that there’s an American performing artist that can draw of James Bond, it’s this previous Mad Men star. Hamm has made a profession out of his smooth on-screen mien, and it’s this cool-as-the-opposite side of the-pad persona that makes him a dim stallion possibility for MI6’s top operators. While it’s uncommon to see an American tackle such an unequivocally British part, there’s an extremely late point of reference for it. Numerous laughed at Robert Downey Jr. depicting Sherlock Holmes in the eponymous 2009 film, however his turn as the famous English criminologist was a massive hit with pundits and fans alike. If Hamm somehow happened to show the same level of character responsibility that Downey did, he could thump this one out of the recreation center without any difficulty. Hamm’s as of now shown an authentic British intonation in his work close by Daniel Ratcliffe oblivious drama arrangement A Young Doctor’s Notebook, so take that as you will.

In the event that there’s whatever other downside to Hamm playing Bond, outside of his St. Louis, Missouri inceptions, it’s his age. As of now 44 years of age, Hamm would likely usurp Roger Moore as the most established first-time Bond, and his window for the part would be a brief one. Be that as it may, gracious, how superb it could be.


This one is an unequivocal long-shot, however a Bond throwing call basically isn’t finished without Fassbender. The 38 year old may be the most gifted on-screen character on our rundown, and he’s likewise one of the busiest. He’s as of now featuring in one major spending plan establishment (the X-Men arrangement) and he as of late began recording another (Assassin’s Creed). Also, as opposed to past desires, if late bits of gossip remain constant, Fassbender will keep playing Magneto after his three film contract terminates with X-Men: Apocalypse. Despite his two existing establishments (and a conceivable third) the German-conceived performer has stayed a standout amongst the most dynamic actors in Hollywood, featuring in 14 movies in the last half decade. With various other taping responsibilities in his quick future, it’s appears to be far-fetched that Fassbender would considerably consider tackling another establishment, particularly one as large as the Bond arrangement.

Despite his jam-pressed shooting timetable, Fassbender has demonstrated to himself fit for pulling off any parts of the Bond character. In all honesty, this would be a stroll in the recreation center for him.


Tom Hardy – Hardy has demonstrated a certain reluctance to signing on for big-budget, multi-film franchises in the past, though he may be turning a corner with the proposed Mad Max trilogy. Still, while Hardy would definitely bring a high level of talent to the role, there’s simply too many other projects that he’d be prevented from doing by committing to Bond. We just don’t see this happening.

Charlie Hunnam – A fantastic option for the second blonde Bond, Hunnam is already locked in to play another iconic British character, King Arthur, for director Guy Ritchie. There’s no way he could do both.

Tom Hiddleston – A fantastic talent that seemingly came out of nowhere, his star-making turn as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would likely prevent him from landing such a high-profile role.

Andrew Lincoln – It’s easy to forget that Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead is played by a Brit, but that just goes to show how talented Lincoln is. Still, TWD doesn’t have a definitive end date, so there’s no way the 42 year old London native could commit to Bond.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – He’s already 45, so Coster-Waldau may have aged out of the role, but hisGoT commitment is the true nail in the coffin. Game of Thrones is expected to run for three more seasons, and Coster-Waldau remains a headlining figure in the ever-dangerous world of Westeros. Unless Jaime Lannister suffers an unexpected death this season or next, Coster-Waldau is a series long-shot, though one we’d love to see.


Daniel Craig has been clear to leave his act in the bond franchise in the past, however it’s generally conceivable that he could be persuaded to return. Early surveys of Specter demonstrate another solid section in the establishment, so MGM could simply toss such a great amount of cash at Craig that he couldn’t say no. Still, if the on-screen character doesn’t have the enthusiasm for the task, it might be best for all gatherings included to just proceed onward.

Who might you want to see turn into the following James Bond? Would you be against Elba or Oyelowo tackling the notorious part?


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