GQ' Presents "The GQ 100" Store Guide

gq 100 store guide 0 - GQ' Presents "The GQ 100" Store Guide

The sons of Gov. Mark Dayton are getting some national recognition – but not for the reasons politicians’ kids usually make headlines.

Eric and Andrew Dayton are the owners and proprietors of Minneapolis clothier Askov Findlayson, which has been named to GQ’s list of the top 10 independent stores in the country.

The popular magazine gave the men’s clothing and fashion shop the lofty No. 3 spot in the ranking, which was released late Sunday.

To give you an idea of what it took to get on this exclusive list, GQ says there’s more to it than simply being a “handsome space packed with cool stuff.” The “great” stores, the magazine writes, offer visitors an “all-five-senses experience” and make them feel as if they’ve walked “onto the set of a perfectly art-directed movie.”

Tall order. But Askov Finlayson – named for two neighboring northern Minnesota towns – fits the bill.

“It’s a store that brims—but doesn’t burst—with quality pieces that demand a second look,” GQ says of the North Loop clothier. All of which, the magazine says, “appeal to our inner aesthete and our outer manly man.” So, in other words, a sophisticated but masculine guy who is serious about dressing sharp.

QG also praises the Dayton brothers for the clothing brands they sell, including their own “made-in-the-U.S.A. line.” Other amenities, like a “book/gadget/grooming book” and an “old-school dome hockey table,” are icing on the cake.

The store, as you can see in the Facebook post below, was quite excited by its inclusion in the list:

According to its website, Askov Finlayson was launched in 2011 and is one of three business owned by the Daytons; the others are the Marvel Bar and Bachelor Farmer, a restaurant whose chef won the James Beard award in 2015. The three businesses used to share a building, but Askov now occupies its own (larger) space.

This past summer, the clothing store became the first Minnesota outlet of Warby Parker, a popular eyewear brand that specializes in designer glasses for cheaper prices.

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